I am Nirbhaya

Stalin K.


(The script of a documentary produced by Video Volunteers. Those interested in screening this film, please write to info@videovolunteers.org)

I will not forget what happened today one year ago. It was today, December 16, that Nirbhaya was attacked.

I will not forget the public outrage against this heinous of crimes.

I will not forget the hundreds of thousands of voices across the country and the world, crying for justice…and justice was delivered too.

However sexual assaults and rapes continue. In fact in Delhi they have nearly doubled since Nirbhaya was raped.

A new rape case is reported every 22 minutes in India.

Sexual violence is rampant because you think you can get away with it and that I will be too ashamed to report it. If I do speak up you think you can shut me up.

Intimidating me and family is a common tactic to ensure…

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